Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our rant on Atheism

We are agnostic atheist and we are proud of it. Why are people always ready to target an atheist, we will never know. The moment someone admits of being an atheist, the attack begins. It may not be physical attack always, but an attack nonetheless. People stop considering him/her a good person. The moment he/she tries to defend self or argue about the beliefs, they are blamed of forcing atheism on others. Sure there are some idiots who try to troll the theists. But most of the times, atheists do not bother the believers as long as someone comes and tries to talk about religion. If someone believes in God, fine. Your personal belief. But why are you forcing it on everyone? We do not believe in higher deity like or as much as others do. So? Why would that make us bad?

It started when we were in college. When we said we don’t believe in God fella as much as others, few of our friends started to talk to us. ‘Why are you being such a bad person, everyone believes in God” they said, “You cannot force others to not believe in God. He is everywhere. Start believing for your own good’. This was told to us by a senior in hostel who dragged us to a room and started threatening us about going to hell and also, bigger threat for us at that time, eviction from hotel.  It seems funny now that he tried forcing his belief on us while we were just trying to share our views. But at that time, we were mortified. We had few others who tried to bring us into the right path. My parents on the other hand were never worried about what we believe. For that we are very thankful.

We personally believe in people doing good things to other people. You wanna be an a**hole, no amount of prayer or God-praising will make you good.  As we read somewhere “bigotry mixed with prayer is still bigotry”.  Also, let us make another thing clear. We are not hear to bash God or his/her followers.  Since nobody has seen God, who knows if it’s him or her? We are not going to target any particular religion either. We will surely bring up some topics which we think are pretty Stupid for theists, no matter what religion, to bring up. Be it science, culture or beliefs in general. Its like telling magic and sorcery is evil, forgetting that all out holy books are full of magic and sorcery. Just one example. We are going to cover the most important topic apparently differentiates good people and “bloody sinners who will go to hell”. Yes. LGBT.

Every religion thinks they are the big deal. God, he/she who must not be named as we will not be talking about any particular religion, has specified that if you believe in another religion you will be punished. Its surprising that since all major religions have been here for past millennium at the least, no one has been smote. Religion does not kill people. Crazy religious fundamental people do. So many wars have been fought, so much abuse has been exchanged, so much hatred has been spread around, because of religion. What’s ironic is, everyone says their religion is religion of peace, their God loves everyone. But that does not stop them from abusing followers of another religion.  That confuses us. If every God loves everyone, why are people killing people using God’s name? Can someone answer that? Don’t tell us some people etc etc. Truth is, and we know its controversial, deep down most of you will not oppose attacks on other religions.

Most countries call themselves secular but make sure they try their best to enforce the dominant religion on everyone. But nobody is ready to accept the fact though. For every human, freedom is a birth right and it is very closely associated with democracy. If you want to take away the religious freedom or freedom to believe in anything he/she wants, then you are no longer a part of democracy. That would be a tyrant or a dictator’s business. Currently it’s the religion which is occupying that position. Be it opposition to teaching evolution or about being pro choice or same sex marriage or just another God. All the decisions are based on what God does the majority believe. Not on common sense.   As William Harwood notes in the dictionary of contemporary mythology, “The difference between faith and insanity is that faith is the ability to hold firmly to a conclusion that is incompatible with the evidence, whereas insanity is the ability to hold firmly to a conclusion that is incompatible with the evidence.”

From what we have seen about argument, all the believers feel free to share the images and talk to everyone about their God. The moment someone says I do not believe in it, it hits the fan. You know what it is. We cannot share what we believe in. People oppose that. But they seem to have all the rights to share what they believe in. We don’t want to repeat what we said about freedom, birthright etc. We have not even gone to LGBT issues. They, and also people who support them ,go to hell. So much for the forgiving God who loves everyone.  The God if he were here, would he actually hate people? If LGBT are not forcing themselves on others and are being good citizens, why would the good God hate them?

Nobody is able to answer that question apart from showing some parts of holy books where it has been marked as sin. Whatever religion it is, this was never opinion of God or his son/daughter/wife/family etc. His followers started it. In Christianity, it is also said not to eat some animals or not to wear clothes made of different fabrics. In Hinduism, The lord Ayyappa was born due to Shiva and Vishnu, you know…  We will not talk about another religion. “We do not want to be”, to quote Russell Peters, “killed”. But we do not want to look at what does not support us, do we? We will tell you another thing about double standard, when Hitchens had cancer, people started telling  that it was a punishment for not believing in God. When someone in family has cancer, we are not sure why that is not considered punishment. It’s the same cancer.  

Science is discouraged by almost all the religious followers. Physics (science) versus God has been the fodder of many a debates and arguments. Needless to say we are supporting science. If you want to use smart phones or a laptop to talk about things, go to a hospital for checkups, watch TV and pretty much whatever you want to do these days, you have to believe in science. That is OK. But the moment science tries to find out the secrets of the universe, suddenly it’s a bad thing. This warrants us another question. You are pro-life because its God who decides to give life, is it not a crime to stop him/her when he/she tries to take away the life in form of, let’s say, cancer or heart attack?

All the holy books have stories about rape, incest, murder and genocide and amount of violence that would give Michael Bay an erection. Prisons are filled with people who believe in God. OK. All this is one sided argument only showing our point of view. If you do believe in God and that makes you happy, good for you. As long as you don’t force it on others and treat other religions in a bad way, we are not gonna say anything to you. If you can argue in a proper way without obscenities or stupid arguments, we are ready to listen to your point of view. If your goal is to tell us we are scum (or as used in most internet arguments, faggot) and we will go to hell, we will tell you now only, don’t bother. We will not listen to you. And we are as good as anyone in talking trash. Also, we do not believe in heaven or hell. For all you know, your God might as well be Flying Spaghetti Monster. Nobody has seen him/her anyway.

P.S : Another thing. If you want to just point out the spelling/grammar mistakes, rather than talking about the content, do not bother. That means you are missing the point.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Stupidity, Arrogance, Narcissism, Society.

Yesterday we realized that North Carolina is similar to India. They call themselves liberal and democratic and republic and all that is sweet and savoury. But the truth is nowhere closer. The majority of the people think that they can choose the right decision for the entire population. Example for "All are equal but some are more equal". Apparently the state gets to choose how people should be in their private and personal lives, even when they are not breaking any laws. How to do that? Well, pass laws making everything you do not like as illegal and hide behind the curtain of religion. There is no need to fear God. It’s his followers who are more deadly. Same people who say God is a loving soul will make sure to curse and alienate and treat the sexual minority as badly as they can. Love thy neighbor is just a fancy bumper sticker.

It’s sad that the majority think that they should enforce what religion says, considering that they are the same people who are fighting religious fanatics in the Middle East.   How is enforcing one religion be different and stealing the liberty of some people different than those fundamentalists in Iran/Afghan?  If they feel it’s God who has to take the final decision, why make such laws here.  Let the one who needs to judge do his work when he can. Also, more crimes happen by men on women than gay people on other people of same gender. Also, we have not read/heard of any homosexual who has been struck by lightning because of that. As Seth Rogen rightly said, “Claiming that someone else's marriage is against one's religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because you're on a diet”. Truer words regarding this subject have not been spoken. We rest our case.

We will switch over now to that person who thinks he is holier than everyone else. He wants to show everyone about the social issues which the same everyone is aware of it. His fans will attack anyone who dares to criticize him. There is nothing much he will do to resolve issues apart from only trying to show how good he is in doing so. No. Not Anna Hazare. We are talking about Satyameva Jayate by Aamir Jesus Khan. What actually happened to Lokpal and hunger fasts? What does Anna’s cook actually do? Anyway, coming back to Aamir,  Sure, all we are doing is criticizing him without doing anything to fight the social evils. But you know what, nobody is paying us a big amount nor is sponsoring us. We don’t have much hope for this show even though it’s helping fight against the stupid dubbing ban which is imposed in Karnataka due to one family which is “ruling” the ‘Sandalwood’. Anna fizzled after his fifteen minutes of fame. All his followers who went around doing morcha’s and marches have gone back to the same system which they used to protest against.

If you are familiar with Kannada movie industry, you will know that the Government has banned dubbing. That totally does not make any sense to us. This is one action which is opposite to the amendment one passed by NC. Here it is a minority of people trying to restrict the rights of majority people for something they believe in. Some producers and actors and rest of the influential people, for their financial gain, do not want rest of the state to watch movies, documentaries, animated movies which have the technology which cannot be achieved by the ‘Sandalwood’ for quite some years to come. They fear dubbing will make Kannadiga’s stop watching Kannada movies. What they fail to understand is if they make good movies, people will watch no matter how many dubbed movies are there. You cannot make bad movies and then force people to watch those by restricting rest of the movies.  

You know what, now that we are going on about short sight and people, we are going to mention male chauvinism showed by the Indian judiciary system. We know we should not be talking against the Judiciary because they might take action. But seriously. Read this. Yes. The Bombay High Court said that married women should take goddess Sita as example, who followed her husband Lord Ram during his exile. They were hearing a divorce petition filed by a man because his wife was not ready to relocate to his new place of work. But interesting point is they did not tell anything about how husbands should be like Lord Ram. Not sure when that observation is due. Our Government officials are prone to make such statements. We have our police officials who give interesting suggestions on how women can escape from being molested. 

  We know we have been ranting. All this is to just fill some blog post? Or just forcing ourselves to right something? We are just venting out our frustration when we see people do stupid things. There is so much chance for us to improve as a civilization and every time the chances are ruined by some morons who think that is not hot God wants it to be. Really? Stop calling him kind and forgiving if you think he will punish people who are not harming anyone else and will be in their own happy world are not the ones who should be punished. The religious nuts who spoil the life of others because they misunderstood what God said are the ones to be punished. So do those people think that the same God they think is just will support them when they stop two people from being happy. Who gives the right to brand union of two adults as illegal? As someone wise said, we do not have anything against God. It’s his fan base that we cannot stand.

There are few who have been fighting for years. But as someone else said on twitter, at the end after all these ranting and shouting, most people just buy fancier iPads and iPhones and not worry about what is happening outside till something like this happens the next time. Almost every one we know, including us, falls into the majority category in this case. And there is nothing we will do to change it. We are the part of the same system we are against. Probably things will change when we actually become the civilized society that we think we are. Till then we will be doing what we do best. Procrastinate. We know everyone will join us anyway.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Of Hair, heir and also a CD

So what’s wrong with Sachin Tendulkar? Yes. We know. We have started referring to him by name now.  No we are not talking about him being an MP. Its his decision to make and he did take the decision that would benefit him. No. We are not talking about how politicians never retire. We are talking about his hair. What the hell is wrong with his hair, you ask? After the 50kgs were lifted from his shoulder, he decided to let his hair down. Literally. For the sake of the select users who have not seen the pic (We are guessing you few people are the citizens of North Korea, which is a great thing. We did not think we have fan base there), here is the pic below. We will wait for sometime till you stop laughing. If you are a fan, we will wait for sometime till you vent out all your outrage on people who are laughing on Sachin (Actually, no. We will not wait for those people. From what we have seen in cricinfo, that will never stop.)